The Constitution cannot work without you

Second Amendment

I hold memberships with the NRA, United States Conceal Carry Association, and Buckeye Firearms Association. I am a member committed to protecting the right to gun ownership. I come from a hunting family; I am a gun-owner and I carry concealed. I believe the right to individual gun ownership is a key constitutional right so important to our founders; it was placed in a prominent position in the Bill of Rights. I will always be a consistent and unwavering supporter of the 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms.


The strength of our educational system is critical to the future of our country. I believe that decisions about the direction of a child’s education are the responsibility of parents, not the federal government. I believe local communities and states should be empowered to aide in supporting public education, but nowhere in the Constitution will you find the federal government being given a role in the education of our children. This is why I strongly oppose “Common Core” and believe the federal government should not be given the authority to dictate common standards for public education across our country.
My position on education is driven by my strong feelings on the constitutionality of federal involvement in education. I believe parents and local teachers understand the unique learning styles of their children and students far better than a distant government.

Jobs & Economy

Coming from a family that has 4 small businesses and being a CEO/Executive Director, I know that government does not create jobs. The private sector is the engine that drives our economy and creates real jobs and opportunity.
More and more, the private sector is faced with constant uncertainty caused by government’s inability to take action on fiscal problems facing our country. For most business owners, it is a daily struggle just to keep the doors open in large part because government and its mandates are their biggest obstacles.
The federal government must rein in spending, reform the tax code and end the heavy-handed regulations that are making it harder and harder for the private sector to create the real jobs this country desperately needs.


I believe human life begins at conception and should only end at natural death. I stand firmly against federal funding for abortion services, and will work to remove that funding. I have worked tirelessly throughout my career for the protection of the unborn.


I believe our immigration system does need reform, and it is the right and responsibility of Congress to do so. Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress the authority “To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization.”
Border security must be a precondition to any comprehensive immigration reform.  Otherwise, the problems we experience today that are the byproduct of illegal immigration, drug, weapon and sex trafficking will be the same issues a future generation will be forced to deal with.
I support enhancing our border security by extending and reinforcing physical barriers along the southern border, augmented with sufficient surveillance assets to alert authorities to illegal entries.  I also support increasing our response capability.  Once the border has been secured, we can begin to discuss meaningful reforms, but it is important that we focus on policies that will actually begin to solve the problem.
The immigration issue affects many facets of our nation. It is an economic issue, an education issue, a national security issue and a health care issue. Our economy cannot withstand the strain of so many illegals. Our schools cannot handle the overcrowded classrooms. Our hospitals are taxed beyond the abilities and those who wish to do us harm can easily cross our porous borders.
America must protect and defend its borders. The unwillingness of the federal government to enforce our immigration laws makes it easier for terrorists to cross our borders and cause us harm. It also burdens taxpayers with higher costs in public safety, education, health care and other areas.
I oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants. We must implement a strong employment verification system that allows for companies to check whether or not they are hiring legal workers and those who hire illegal workers should face stiff penalties.
Here is where I stand on several specific issues related to any legislative reform of our immigration laws:
  • I will vote “no” on any bill that is not given sufficient time for reading, deliberating, and vetting.
  • Immigration reform starts with accountable border security that includes regular audits.
  • We cannot reward people who broke our laws.  The punishment must be proportional to the crime. It must be neither weak nor excessive.
  • We must improve the legal immigration system to reflect the economic needs of our nation.


America is rich in natural resources, but the government makes it difficult and expensive to tap into these resources. Instead, we are beholden to countries that don’t always have America’s best interests in mind.
The President’s climate action plan and “War on Coal” will only cost Americans more money and kill jobs. That “War on Coal” is already being felt here in Ohio and Kentucky. We need to immediately permit the northern leg of the Keystone XL Pipeline. For over five years, this Administration and its liberal supporters have stood in the way of the good jobs and economic boost that this northern leg will have.
I believe the government needs to get out of the way and allow us to access and use these natural resources to make America more energy independent while keeping energy costs down.

Obamacare / ACA

I believe America has the world’s finest doctors, hospitals, and medical innovations, but all that is in jeopardy because of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. This is the most significant domestic policy issue of our time, and stopping it is one of my top priorities.
Since Congress did eventually “pass the bill so they (could) find out what was in it” in 2010 as then Speaker Pelosi instructed, we now know what was included:
  • While Obamacare was supposed to bring down the cost of health insurance, the average premium for a family has risen by more than $3,000 since it was signed into law. Many Ohioans are now experiencing what is being referred to as “rate shock”.
  • President Barack Obama has repeatedly promised that “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it” under Obamacare, but the Congressional Budget Office now estimates that 7,000,000 Americans will lose access to their employer-based health insurance as a result of the law.
  • Because the most stringent regulations apply to businesses with over 50 employees, many employers are already laying off staff and/or reducing work hours to avoid the exorbitant expenses and compliance requirements of Obamacare.
  • Despite assurances to the contrary during debate over the law, new insurance mandates coming out of Washington threaten fundamental freedoms by requiring employers to cover services that directly conflict with their moral and religious principles.
  • The IRS, which has been riddled with recent scandals, is now the enforcement arm of this new healthcare law and will correspondingly be hiring thousands of new agents to administer the program. They will be charged with enforcing the mandate that citizens buy insurance, while many constitutional scholars believe that forcing citizens to buy any product is unconstitutional. The fact of the recent revelations of IRS corruption only reinforces the suspicion that compliance waivers granted to companies are politically motivated. Equal application of the law does not apply to Obamacare.
  • The rollout of, the Obamacare website, has been a trainwreck and now members of both parties are calling for a delay of the individual mandate.
We need to ultimately repeal Obamacare and replace it with a more competitive and economically rational system. Healthcare reform should:
  • Allow families and businesses to buy insurance across state lines.
  • End frivolous lawsuits that result in defensive medicine and exorbitant malpractice insurance premiums.
  • Enhance Health Savings Accounts.
  • Devise a viable approach to providing high-risk pools for pre-existing conditions.
  • Provide incentives for healthier lifestyles
This law is harming Americans with fewer choices, higher healthcare costs and countless tax increases. It is also chipping away at the physician/patient relationship.  We need to repeal and replace it with reforms that lower healthcare costs. We need to reject the ever-expanding culture of dependency and encourage our able-bodied citizens to pursue lives of virtue, hard work, and civic service.
We must also embrace reforms that reward quality healthcare, encourage healthy living, and minimize waste through patient choice, information, transparent pricing, and healthcare ownership.  We need a private insurance market that allows for flexibility, portability, and choice. We must reform Medicaid so that governors have flexibility to control state budgets and manage high-impact patients who drive up costs for local providers and federal/state officials. We also need medical malpractice reform.
Our healthcare system faces some serious problems. But, we need targeted, surgical, carefully considered reforms that acknowledge the complexity of our healthcare system.


I am from a farming family; we also owned a sawmill and operated a small coalmine. I was raised on hay and wheat farms in Butler County. One of my son still owns one of the farms. I am proud of the way we take care of our land and preserve it for future generations. The constant flow of rules and regulations make farming in America costly and difficult for many family farms. Common sense, tax reforms and regulatory reform will help bring more stability to the nation’s agriculture sector.

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